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Young Jun has been actively engaging in design activities for commercial facilities, offices, showrooms, exhibitions, hospitals, hotels, etc., from Korea to Japan,China.

He was selected as the representative of Korea in 2015 ASIA TOP YOUNG DESIGNER 30 in 'MY HOME', the most influential architectural space magazine in Taiwan.

He has been working as a creative director in various fields of image, music, movie, product, and fashion beyond architecture and interior, and He was founded D+ENTER(Design + Entertainment)  In 2015.

The author who has worked as a designer in Seoul and Tokyo, discusses architecture, space and humanities together with his understanding of culture, his value as a designer based on his book "Between Seoul and Tokyo"

In July 2017 launched the fashion brand HiF (Human is Finally ...) As a design entertainer who is now  beyond designers,

he is active in various fields.


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Mar 2015 - D+ENTER (Design + Entertainment) Established Co. Ltd  |  www.designentertainment.christmas

Jun 2017 - Fashion Brand HiF (Human is Finally...) Established Co. Ltd  |  www.hif.design

Oct 2019 ~ Barim Established Co.Ltd  |  Dry flower & Artwork company  | www.bariminc.com

Design Competition of 'TOSO-' Office, Japan / Elected / 3D View Design

- Seoul Gangnam 'Lotte Castle Classic' 'Seo-cho Paragon APT' 'Seong-woo APT' 'Woo-seong APT' / Interior Design

- Seoul Gangnam Cafe 'Fiorever' / Interior Design, Logo Design

- Seoul Gangnam 'Boutique Monaco' 27F Penthouse, 5F Residential Space / Interior Design

- Incheon International Seafood Center / Branding, Interior Basic Design

- Seoul Apgujeong Wedding shop 'Stella de Marie'  / Interior Design, Logo Design

- Seoul Apgujeong 'Bridge Five' real estate office / Interior design, Logo Design

- Seoul Hong-dae 'RYSE Hotel' Restaurant 'CHARR' / Logo & Artwork

- 'CES 2020 4DX' Showroom Pavilion / Virtual Tour Movie, Product Chair Movie

- Private Membership BookCafe '読書同幸' / Interior Design, Logo Design

- Gangnam Showroom Office 'Grace U' / Interior Design, Package Design

- Busan 'Sujeongdong Sunggyul Church' / Architect Concept Design, Landscape Design

- China, Cafe brand "BRAKET" Brand Manual / Interior Design Construction Documents

- SAMSUNG GALAXY 9 Crown Melbourne Exhibition / Interior Design

- Suwon Restaurant 'PASTINY' / Interior Design, Logo Design

- SRT (Super Rapid Train) Su-seo Station / Interior, Environment design

- Incheon Song-do Fashion Shop `OH.FEMME` / Interior Design, Logo Design

- LG Display Paju Gate, Office, Cafeteria Design Consulting / Concept Design

- Independence Hall DDR Housing Design

- 'KTis' Ilsan Wired Center Interior Design Competition / Elected

- Itaewon bar 'Sugar Skulls' Interior, Logo Design

- 'Fuji Xerox' Seoul Showroom Interior Design / Elected

- Citibank Seoul Center, Cheongdam Center, Dogok Center Architecture and Interior Design Modeling Video Director

- Germany 'MAN Truck' Pyung-tak PDI Center Office, Cafeteria, Showroom Interior Design 

- China Yencheng 'YUEDA International Hotel' / Architecture & Interior Design Competition Elected / Interior Design 

- 'Kolon Sports' Viral CF 360° Stage & Interior Design Art Director

- Nexen RI (Retail Identity) Design Manual Guide Competition

- DaeJeon SUN Hospital, Korea, 4F, 7F Children Dental Clinic, 8F Roof Garden / Interior Design 

- 'TwinSmile' Event Ceremony Zone / Interior Design

- 'AIR LIQUIDE' Japan Office Design Competition / Elected / Visual Project Manager (3D & Movie)

- China, Shenyang,Cosmetics brand 'Miev' / Interior Design, Exterior Design

- 'KIA' Motors 'Konfidence' / Signage Design Guideline

- Mexico 'KIA' Showroom / Interior Design (Leon, Tijuana, xalapa etc. 9showrooms)

- 'HYUNDAI' GDSI (Global Dealership Space Identity) Truck & Bus Showroom manual

- LH(Korea Land & Housing Cooperation) Perforated Reinforced Concrete Beams Detail & Process 

- LH(Korea Land & Housing Cooperation) Long Life Housing Architecture & Interior Design 3D Visual Director 

- 'DBS' Hangzou / Plan Layout & Interior Design

- Russia Belarus 'Yusung SunHospital' / Interior Design

- Korea 'Yusung SunHospital' New 'H' Building / Plan Layout & Interior Design

- Korea Broadcasting XTM 'Defending of Man's Space' Theater Designer



May 2012 – Jan 2015 - FreeLancer Designer

- Korea International School Conference Reception Interior Design 

- China Dongguan DGGF Shopping Center Environment, Interior design (Scheduled to open in 2016)

- 'LG Inno FEST 2014' Exhibition Design Competition, Korea

- Interior Design Competition of Taiyo Holdings Office, Japan / Elected 

- AEON mall Tamadaira, Japan / Food court, sanitary space, sign design 

- 'SUMITOMO Chemical' New Office Design Competition, Japan / Graphic and video design (Elected and scheduled to open in 2016)


May 2012 – Apr 2013 - SEMBA Corporation in Tokyo Office / SC Development Institute Designer

- 'JR Sendai Station Shopping Center' Environment / Interior Design

- 'Narita Airport 4F Shopping Zone' Environment Design Competition 

- 'Tokyo JR Senjuohashi Shopping Center' Concept Design

- 'Tokyo JR Musashikoganei' Environment Design Competition / Exterior Design

- 'Okayama AEON mall Shopping Center' Environment Design 

- 'Osaka Kintetsu Tsuruhashi Station' Environment Design / MD Planning (Scheduled to open in 2017)

- 'Dailan Daiwa Zhongsheng Shopping Center' Environment Design


Mar 2010 – Mar 2012 – Steven Leach & Associates INC, Korea / Interior Designer and Assistant Project Manager

- 'INFINITI' Showrooms Interior Design, Azerbaijan / Gyeonggi-do, Korea

- 'CRYSLER / JEEP / PIAT' Car Showroom / Interior Design

- 'STEVEN LEACH & ASSOCIATES Seoul Office' Building / Interior Design

- 'Kim & Chang' Law firm Company / Sign Design, Furniture Design

- 'AhnLab' Office Building, Pan-gyo / Interior Design (Selected from 2011 KOREA INTERIOR AWARD BEST15)

- Game Company 'NEXON' New Building Interior Design Competition

-'CITY BANK' Center 7 East Restocking, Seoul / Interior Design

- 'KIA Motors' DYK vehicle showroom, Nanzing, China / Interior Design 

- 'KIA PREMIUM K-LOUNGE' / Interior Design 

- CGV Apgujeong Cine City KIA Cinema / Interior Design

- IT Company 'CADENCE' Office / Interior Design

- Samsung Museum 'Leeum KIDS' Education Zone / Interior Design

- Fashion Company 'Kolon' headquarters Remodeling in Gwacheon / Interior Design 


Oct 2009 - Mar 2010 -  'SIGONGTECH' Korea Exhibition Design Company - '2012 YEOSU EXPO' Theme Pavilion Exhibition Design Competition Team / Elected


Aug 2009 – Sep 2009 - 'YUKIO HASHIMOTO' Interior Design Studio, Tokyo Japan / Part-Time Designer


Mar 2009 – Apr 2009 - 'SUPER POTATO' Interior Design Office, Tokyo Japan / Intern


Oct 2008 – Nov. 2008 - 'SANAA / Sejima Kazuyo Architect Design Office', Tokyo, Japan / Open Desk




2015 Taiwan Architech Interiors magazine 'My Home' <Asia Top Young Designer 30> Representatives selected Korea

2007 JAD International Competition Award / Specialist (Title : Void_A) / Subject : Graphic Space, Space Graphic (country : 12, work : 352)

2007 MIND EXCHANGE Workshop & Graduate Work Exhibition (Beijing - Korea Culture Center / Seoul - Sinsadong Daerim House Hall) /  

         Kyoungwon University of Korea (Majoring in Interior Architecture) & Tsinghua University of Beijing (Major : Environment Art) / Exhibition Marketing Team Reader

2007 IFI (International Federation of Interiors) Workshop Participation WING Workshop / Grand Award, Friendly Award / Subject : Water (country : 8, student : 120)

2007 Kitchen Furniture Company 'NEFS' / Junior Designer Forum 1st 

2004 MIND EXCHANGE Workshop Exhibition (Beijing - Tsinghua University / Seoul, Kwangju, Busan) / 

         Kyungwon University of Korea (Major : Interior Architecture) & Tsinghua University of Beijing (Major : Environmental Art)




Dec 2014 – Sep 2008 – Completed Comprehensive English Program 'Chambers Language School', Melbroune, Austraila

Dec 2007 – Sep 2008 – Completed Comprehensive Japanese Program 'Elite Japanese Language School', Tokyo, Japan

Feb 2008 - Graduated from Kyoung-won University in Korea / Major: Interior Architecture

Feb 2007, Engineering Department bachelor Certificate in the Republic of Korea (Major - Interior Architects)

Feb 2003, Art Design Department bachelor Certificate in the Republic of Korea (Major - Interior Design)

Feb 2003, Interior Architect engineer License

Feb 2002, Interior Architect industry engineer License




Mar 2019 - Special Lecture (The time for design entertainer exceed design. / Co-working Space Now) / Department of Interior Design, Soong-Sil University

Nov 2018 - Special Lecture (The time for design entertainer exceed design.) / Department of Interior Design, Chung-Ang University

Oct 2018 - Special Lecture (The time for design entertainer exceed design.) / Korean Institute of Interior Design

Jul  2017 - Special Lecture (The time for design entertainer exceed design.) / Hyundai Card Studio Black

Apr ~ May  2017 - Seoul Hyundai Occupational Traning college, Interior Design, Industrial Design Special Lecture / 

                   GAM's (Sketch up for Sensational Architecture / Interior Design)

Apr  2017 - GAM's (Sketch up for Sensational Architecture / Interior Design) Seminar / Hyundai Card Studio Black

Mar 2016 - Special Lecture / Department of Interior Architecture, Gachon (Kyungwon) University

Oct 2015 - LINC(Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation) Agency Field Training Assistance Program SoonChunHyang University Judge / 

                  D+Enter Internship Student Prize Award

Apr ~ Dec  2015 - Korea, Japan Cultural Comparison Semina 'Between Seoul and Tokyo' Special Lecture / Seoul & Tokyo

Mar 2015 - DBUK(DesignBridge UK & Korea) Designer Group Interview

Nov 2014 - Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Interior Design Special Lecture / Between Seoul and Tokyo (Design of Korea, Japan China / Korea Japan Cultural comparison)

Jun 2014 - Gachon(Kyungwon) University, Korea  Interior Architecture Special Lecture / Between Seoul and Tokyo (Interior Design of Korea Japan, Cultural comparison)

Jun 2014 - Seoul Hyundai Occupational Traning college, Design(Interior, Industrial, Graphic) Special Lecture / Between Seoul and Tokyo

                  (Design of Korea Japan, Cultural comparison)

Dec 2013 - Seoul Hyundai Occupational Traning college, Interior Design, Fashion Design Special Lecture / Interior design of Korea & Japan

Nov 2013 - Japan Research Institute specializes in consulting design firm 'PLANUS' Seminar Lecture / Maximize The Use of Sketch Up

Aug 2009 - Seoul Film Art Academy of production space 'LAKE SIDE' lecturer / Japanese Design Now

Dec 2007 - Seoul Film Art Academy of production space 'LAKE SIDE' lecturer / Interior Design Plan Drawing




July 2013 - Tokyo Shin-Okubo K-POP NIGHT LIVE

Dec 2012 - Japan, Korea Cultural Exchange Festival K-POP Concert / Chiba City Cultural Center

Sep 2012 - Tokyo Odaiba Korea Wave FESTIVAL LIVE

2009, 2010 - 'M.net' Republic of Korea trend leaders representing 20's 'M Spiriters' activities

Dec 2009 - 'LISTEN TO MY SONG BABY BOO' Hip-hop Single Album Korea, Japan released

Oct  2008 - 'My Life Fly High' Hip-hop recording debut single album Japan released

2002, 2005, 2007 Black Gospel Singer Team 'Light ON' main Rapper / CCM Dance Singer Team 'PK' main featuring Rapper




May  2014 - Korea, Japan Cultural Comparison Guide Book 'Between Seoul and Tokyo' released

June 2014 - Broadcast 'tbs' TV Special 'Bookstore about drum' of Part 'HOT NEW BOOK' Introduction

July  2014 - 'PBC' Radio 'We like the Rainbow' Special guest Interview

Aug  2014 - Korea News Times Interview

Oct   2016 - 'Sketch Up : for Sensual Architecture / Interior design' released